General announcement emails have resumed sending to all students, faculty and staff via this website. If your announcement is event-related, please make note if it is virtual or in-person. Should your announcement be COVID-19 related, follow these guidelines for submission to our Important Announcement emails.


University Announcements is Florida State University’s go-to place for university notices and memorandums. Managed by Information Technology Services and University Communications, it serves as a hub for notable announcements, reminders and information of interest to the campus community. The site is often updated daily, making it easy to share and keep up with university information. In addition to the website, weekly email digests are sent to the entire university—one to students and one to faculty and staff—highlighting timely announcements and featured events. These announcement emails are designed to compile and communicate minor announcements, while significant or immediate university announcements may still be sent via “Important Announcement” emails.

Emergency Notices

University announcements are not intended for emergency communications. Emergency notices should be distributed via FSU ALERT—Florida State University's emergency notification system—according to university emergency communication processes.

Submit an Announcement

We welcome your updates that help keep our campus community informed about all the goings-on at FSU. If you would like to post an announcement, please follow the instructions on the ITS website to request an account. Or, if you already have an account, go ahead and post!

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